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ACC Systems Ltd

Industrial Automation

CERTO Series

High Accuracy length gauges



Outline specifications:

  • CT 2501
  • CT 6001
  • CT 2502
  • CT 6002
Plunger actuation By motor Plunger connected via separate coupling with moving machine part
Measuring standard DIADUR phase grating on Zerodur® glass ceramic; grating period 4µm
System Accuracy
  • ±0.1µm without compensation
  • ±0.03µm with linear error compensation (CT 2500)
  • ±0.05µm with linear error compensation (CT 6000)
Measuring range
  • CT 2500: 25mm
  • CT 6000: 60mm
Incremental signals 11µA; signal period 2µm

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