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HEIDENHAIN and ACU-RITE Incremental Linear Encoders

for DRO applications


HEIDENHAIN have a wide range of linear encoders to suit any application - for different display steps, installation space, and traverse lengths.

The linear encoder measures the exact position of an axis directly at the machine slide, and as a result any backlash in the machine has no effect on the measuring result.


  • Robust, vibration resistant, and durable
  • Sealed aluminium housing with flexible sealing lips to protect against ingress of coolant and swarf
  • Non-contact scanning process, virtually eliminating wear


Selection guide for DRO Linear Encoders:

Applications Size Model   Accuracy
Acu-rite Linear Encoders
Acu-rite DRO
Standard SENC150 Acu-rite SENC150 Linear Scale ±10µm
Slimline SENC50 Acu-rite SENC50 Linear Scale ±10µm
Standard Linear Encoders Standard LS688C Heidenhain LS688C Linear Scale ±10µm
Slimline LS388C Heidenhain LS388C Linear Scale ±10µm
High accuracy Linear Encoders Standard LS187C Heidenhain LS187C Linear Scale ±5µm, ±3µm
Slimline LS487C Heidenhain LS487C Linear Scale ±5µm, ±3µm
High accuracy Linear Encoders for absolute position measurement
Heidenain EnDat
Standard LC115 Heidenhain LC115 Linear Scale ±5µm, ±3µm EnDat
Slimline LC415 Heidenhain LC415 Linear Scale ±5µm, ±3µm EnDat
Absolute position measurement for Large Traverse
Heidenain EnDat
  LC211 Heidenhain LC211 Linear Scale Accuracy: ±5µm; Measuring lengths up to 28m; EnDat
Incremental measurement for Large Traverse   LB382 Heidenhain LB382C Linear Scale Accuracy: ±5µm; Measuring lengths up to 30m

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