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HEIDENHAIN Digital Readouts

for Metrology Applications


For many metrology applications, ranging from simple measuring stations to complex inspection systems with multiple measuring points, HEIDENHAIN supports you with the appropriate digital readouts or PC solutions.

Whether it is an SPC inspection station, a tool presetter, a profile projector, a measuring microscope, or a manual coordinate measuring machine, the digital readouts and PC solutions for metrology applications from HEIDENHAIN are the right choice for measurement tasks


Selection guide for Metrology Applications:

Applications Axes Series/Model   Type of Display
  • Positioning equipment
  • Measuring fixtures
  • Manual co-ordinate measuring machines
2-4 axes ND1100 Quadra-Chek Heidenhain ND1100 Quadra-Chek Monochrome
  • Profile projectors
  • Measuring microscopes
  • 2-D measuring machines
2-4 axes ND1200 Quadra-Chek Heidenhain ND1200 Quadra-Chek Monochrome
  • Profile projectors
  • Measuring microscopes
  • Video measuring machines
2-4 axes ND1300 Quadra-Chek Heidenhain ND1300 Quadra-Chek Colour Touchscreen
  • Manual co-ordinate measuring machines
4 axes ND1400 Quadra-Chek Heidenhain ND1400 Quadra-Chek Colour Touchscreen
  • Tool pre-setters
2 axes ND1200T Tool-Chek Heidenhain ND1200T Tool-Chek Monochrome
  • Multi-point inspection
  • SPC inspection stations
up to 8 axes ND2100G Gage-Chek Heidenhain ND1200G Gage-Chek Colour
  • SPC inspection stations
1 axis ND200 Heidenhain ND200 Digital Readout Colour

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