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Example Projects


The following are examples of iTNC530 projects that ACC Systems have carried out for a number of special purpose machine manufacturers.


6 axis Fast Hole EDM machine


This fast hole EDM drilling machine has X, Y, Z positioning axes plus a 2-axis rotary manipulator (B and C axes). The EDM axis (W-axis) is switched between CNC and EDM generator control. All the EDM parameters are stored in the CNC and can be defined by the part program or manually entered into an EDM parameter table.


5 axis Fast Hole EDM machine with manual vision system


This fast hole EDM drilling machine had X, Y, Z positioning axes plus a 2-axis rotary manipulator (B and C axes). The machine was designed for drilling cooling holes in re-manufactured aerospace turbine blades where, due to the re-manufacturing process, each blade will require a different set of cooling holes to be re-drilled. The blade is positioned under the camera to each nominal cooling hole position, and the operator views the image on a CCTV monitor. He then has the option of selecting drill or no-drill for each hole position, and can also manually adjust the actual hole drilling position by use of a cross-hair on the monitor. In this way a table of hole positions is created for the blade. Once vision inspection is complete the required holes are then automatically drilled.


5 axis YAG Laser Machining Centre

This 5-axis Laser machine, again for an aerospace customer, integrated a GSI-Lumonics JK704 YAG Laser with the Heidenhain iTNC530. All Laser parameters are stored within the TNC, and all Laser functions controlled automatically by the part program.


STEM Drill


The STEM drilling process is used to drill high depth-to-diameter holes in aerospace alloys using high pressure Nitric Acid and a low voltage high current pulsed DC supply (up to 20V 1000A). The Heidenhain iTNC530 controlled the drilling process, current pulsing and maintained a constant acid pressure by means of a variable speed pump drive.


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