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Incremental Linear Scale


The LF100 series is a high accuracy, high repeatability scale designed for applications on CNC machine tools where display steps of up to 0.1μm are required.

These linear scales have a thermal behaviour similar to steel or cast iron.

Accuracy grades of ±3μm or ±2μm per meter traverse are available.


Outline specifications:

Measuring Standard SUPRADUR phase grating on steel, grating period 8µm
Accuracy grade ±3µm, ±2µm
Measuring Lengths 140 240 340 440 540 640 740 840 940 1040 1140 1240
Incremental signals 1Vpp
Grating period 8µm
Signal period 4µm
Reference marks
  • LF185: One reference mark at midpoint of measuring length; other reference mark positions upon request.
  • LF185C: Distance coded

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