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Incremental Linear Scale


The LS300 series is a slim-line scale designed for typical applications on manual machine tools such as milling machines or lathes where display steps of 10μm or 5μm are sufficient.

Jig boring, grinding and metrology applications normally require display steps of 1μm or less. Linear encoders for these more stringent requirements typically feature accuracy grades of ±5μm per meter traverse, and are described on the CNC Linear Encoders page.


Outline specifications:

LS388C LS328C
Measuring Standard Glass scale with DIADUR graduation
Accuracy grade ±10µm
Measuring Lengths 170 220 270 320 370 420 470 520 570 620 670 720 770 820 870 920 970 1020 1140 1240
Incremental signals 1Vpp TTL
Grating period 20µm
Reference mark Distance coded
Recommended measuring step 10µm, 5µm

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