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MT 1281



Measuring delicate parts with virtually zero force

The measurement of delicate parts, such as those in the watchmaking industry, must not lead to their deformation, otherwise the results could be incorrect or the parts could become damaged. The HEIDENHAIN-METRO MT 1281MW length gauge is particularly suited for such demanding measuring tasks.

For measurements with a gauging force of nearly 0 (0.01 N to 0.07 N) it includes a specially paired insert with an exchangeable measuring tip. These extremely low values over a measuring range of 12 mm are also possible thanks to the ball-bush guide with very constant friction conditions and the constantly improving measuring force over the course of five million measuring cycles.

The included plunger lifter gives the operator the most direct control possible over the measuring process. As an alternative, a mechanical cable lifter can achieve a very constant gauging motion. The gauging speed is set with a throttle screw in the bellows. The interaction between the guideway, the ZERODUR scale with 2 µm signal period, and the electronics in the connector makes repeatability better than 0.03 µm possible.

The ND 287 evaluation unit is suitable as a subsequent electronics unit for stand-alone measuring stations. When combined with an MT 1281, a measuring step of 1 nm is possible. Also, it offers a color display and many possibilities for capturing and classifying measurement series as well as creating histograms. The ND 287 thus makes it easier to evaluate the manufacturing process.


Outline specifications:

MT 1281MR MT 1281MG MT 1281MW
Plunger actuation Spring Gravity
Gauging Force 0,2 - 0,3N 0,13N <0,1N
Measuring standard DIADUR phase grating on Zerodur® glass ceramic; grating period 4µm
System Accuracy ±0.2µm
Measuring range 12mm
Incremental signals 1Vpp
Signal period 2µm
Recommended measuring step 0.1µm/0.05µm

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