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Digital readout for Tool Presetters


The TOOL-CHEK ND 1200 T digital readout is designed specifically for tool presetters. It supports X and Z axes.


The ND 1200T digital readouts have a large monochrome flat panel display and are housed in a robust, diecast aluminium enclosure.


You can define up to 99 tool adapters for the tool holder. You can select either an absolute reference point, or one that refers to a master adapter. You can define the axis association and counting direction separately for each adapter.

Tool measurement usually consists of measuring the length and diameter or radius of a tool. You can also measure radii (e. g. for spherical cutters) and angles (e. g. for indexable inserts or lathe tools). The ND 1200T stores up to 300 tools. You can view and print each actual value, nominal value and deviation.

Data Interfaces

You use the data interfaces to transmit the tool data and to load and save settings, compensation values and saved tools. The RS-232-C/V.24 serial interface enables communication with a PC. You can connect printers or memory media to the USB port.

Measuring radii and angles


You probe several points with the crosshairs in order to measure the radius. The digital readout calculates the radius and any form error from this. In order to measure a cutting edge angle, probe the two sides of the angle at two points each. The results are the intersection of the two lines as well as the inside angle "A".

Label printing


You can connect various label printers via the USB port. The control commands necessary for this are already set, and can be called via the menu function.


Outline specifications:

Axes 2 (XZ)
Encoder Inputs 1Vpp or TTL (other interfaces on request)
Evaluation 10-fold (only for 1Vpp)
Display step
  • Adjustable, max 7 digits
  • Linear axes (XYZ): 1mm to 0.0001mm
  • Angular axis (Q): 1° to 0.0001° or 00°00'01"
Display 5.7" monochrome flat-panel display for position values, dialog and inputs and soft-keys.
  • Point measurement with crosshairs
  • 99 tool adapters
  • Memory for 300 tools
  • Counting direction and axis assignment depend on the adapter
  • Radius/diameter switching
  • Entry of tolerances
  • Circle and angle measurement
Axis error compensation
  • Linear and segmented, up to 150 points
  • Parallelism error
Data interface RS232-V/V24; USB (type A)
Other connections Foot switch for two functions, or remote keypad
Accessories Foot switch, remote keypad, protective cover

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