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Digital readout for radial drilling machines

Heidenhain ND1202 Digital Readout for Radial Arm Drill 

The ND 1200R RADIAL DRILL digital readout is an easily operated, powerful readout for conventional and fast radial drilling machines. Machine movement is measured by a linear encoder on the radial arm and a rotary encoder or a friction wheel system on the column. An additional encoder on the quill can also be used to measure and display the drilling depth.


The ND 1200R RADIAL DRILL digital readout has a monochrome flat-panel screen for displayed values, dialogs and inputs, graphics functions and soft keys. The robust, diecast aluminium enclosure meets the demands of the shop floor environment.


With the ND 1200R digital readout you can switch at any time between display in polar coordinates (radius R, angle a) and Cartesian co-ordinates (X,Y).

With the aid of the probing functions you will find the workpiece datum and orientation faster.

One essential working aid is the function for positioning with the distance-to-go display. You enter the nominal position (i.e. the drilling coordinates) as X,Y values and the RADIAL-DRILL digital readout shows you the distance remaining to the target position as separate values for the angular and radial axes.

The ND1200R automatically calculates the positions when machining hole patterns such as bolt-hole circles (full circle of circle segment) and linear hole patterns, matrices or frames.

The programming function of the ND 1200R supports you when machining recurring workpieces and machining patterns.

Data Interfaces

The RS-232-C/V.24 serial interface for saving programs and updating software.


Outline specifications:

ND 1202R ND 1203R
Axes 2 from A to Z 3 from A to Z
Encoder Inputs 1Vpp or TTL
Signal period Any
Line count Any
Subdivision factor
  • TTL: Max 4-fold
  • 1Vpp: Max 40-fold
Display step Adjustable, max. 7 digits
Display 5.7" monochrome flat screen for position values, dialog and inputs, graphics functions and soft-keys
  • Conversion of Cartesian coordinates (X,Y) to polar coordinates (R,a)
  • XY/Ra switch-over
  • Alignment function
  • REF reference mark evaluation for distance coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go display in machine coordinates Ra
  • mm/inch switching
  • Absolute-incremental display
  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns
  • Probing functions for workpiece orientation and reference point acquisition with KT edge finder
Programming Hole patterns with a total of 999 hole positions
Cycles Hole patterns (circular and linear patterns) with max. 100 positions
Axis error compensation Linear axis error compensation
Data interface
  • RS232C/V24 300 to 115200 baud
  • USB type A
Switching inputs
  • Zero reset, measured value output (e.g. by foot switch)
  • Edge finder (through universal touch probe interface)

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