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Single Axis Displays for Length and Angle

Heidenhain ND200 Digital Readout 

The ND200 series offers digital readouts for one linear encoder or length gauge.

Although primarily designed for measurement applications, the ND287 can also be used for simple positioning tasks such as infeed for a circular saw, the stroke of press travel, or the position of an additional rotary table on a machine tool. The switching inputs and outputs of the ND 287 permit operation also in simple automated environments.

For measuring and inspection stations where measuring results are sent to a printer or to a PC for further processing, there are display units with USB, RS-232-C/V.24 serial output or Ethernet 100BaseT (option only with ND287).


Outline specifications:

ND280 ND287
Encoder Inputs 1 x 1Vpp, 11µA or EnDat 2.2 1 x 1Vpp, 11µA or EnDat 2.2 Optional second input through additional encoder module
Subdivision factor 4096
Display step
  • Adjustable, max. 9 digits
  • Linear axis: 0.5 to 0.002µm
  • Angular axis: 0.5° to 0.00001° or 00°00'00.1"
Analog input - Option: ±10V through analog module, resolution 5mV
Display Monochrome TFT screen Colour TFT screen
Position values, dialogs and input, graphics functions and soft keys
Status display Operating mode, REF datum, scaling factor, compensation, stopwatch, unit of measure, soft-key level
  • REF mark evaluation for distance coded or single reference marks
  • 2 Datums
  • Distance-to-go mode
  • Integrated help and diagnostics
  • Remote operation via serial interface
  • Sorting and tolerance checking
  • Measurement series with min/max values
  • Saving measured values (max 10000)
  • Functions for statistical process control (SPC)
  • Sum/difference display (with 2nd encoder module)
  • Thermal compensation (with analog module)
Axis error compensation
  • Linear axis: Linear and multipoint, up to 200 points
  • Angle axis: Multipoint linear with 180 compensation points (every 2°)
Data interface
  • RS232-C/V24
  • USB
- Option - Ethernet 100BaseT, via Ethernet module
Switching Outputs -
  • Zero crossover
  • Trigger points 1 and 2
  • Sorting errors ‹ and ›
  • Errors
Switching Inputs -
  • Zero reset, preset
  • Pass over reference point and ignore reference signals
  • Measured value output or display freeze (pulse or contact
  • Start measurement series
  • Minimum/maximum/difference value
  • Gating of the two encoder inputs
  • Sum or difference display
  • Display measured value 1 or measured value 2

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