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Simple position display unit for 2 and 3-axes


The position displays of the ND 500 series are suited for use on manually operated milling, drilling, boring machines and lathes with two or three axes. Due to the TTL encoder input, primarily the LS 328 and LS 628 linear encoders with a measuring step of 5 μm are used.

The ND500 series are fully compatible with the Acu-Rite SENC 50 and SENC 150 linear scales.


With its sturdy housing and splash-proof membrane keyboard, the ND 500 is built for the workshop. The ND 500 series shows display position values, the soft-key row and other useful information on a monochrome graphic screen.


The distance-to-go display facilitates positioning. You approach the next position quickly and reliably by simply traversing to the display value zero. The functions for each application are easily activated by parameter input. Special functions are available for producing hole patterns (linear patterns and circular patterns).

You can easily switch between radius and diameter display when the position display is configured for turning. The ND523 also offers support for lathes with separate top slide: The sum display feature allows you to display the saddle and top slides together or separately. Setting datums on a lathe part is particularly easy with the freeze tool position function and subsequent retracting.

Data Interfaces

A USB interface enables the display unit to output measured values and import or export parameters and tables.


Outline specifications:

Axes 3 axes from A to Z and Zs
Encoder Inputs 3 x TTL; 9pin D-sub connector
Signal period 2µm, 4µm, 10µm, 40µm, 100µm, 10240µm, 12800µm,
Line Count Any
Evaluation 1/2/4-fold
Display step
  • Linear axis: 1mm to 0.0001mm; 0.005mm with LS328/LS628
  • Angular axis: 1° to 0.0001° or 00°00'01"
Display Monochrome flat screen for position values, dialog and input displays, graphic functions and graphic positioning support
Status display Operating mode, REF, reference-point number, tool number, inch, scale, feed-rate display, compensation, stopwatch
For milling, drilling, boring Tool compensation R+, R-
For turning Radius/diameter display, separate or sum display for Z and Zo
  • 10 datums
  • 16 tools
  • REF mark evaluation for distance coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go display with nominal position input in absolute or incremental values
  • Scaling factor
  • mm/inch switching
  • Integrated help and diagnostics
  • INFO: Stopwatch, pocket calculator, cutting data calculator (for milling), taper calculator (for turning)
For milling, drilling, boring
  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns (circular and linear patterns)
  • Tool radius compensation
For turning
  • Freezing the tool position for back-off
Axis error compensation
  • Axis error: Linear and multipoint, up to 200 points
  • Backlash: For length measurement via ball screw and rotary encoder
Data interface USB
  • For output of measured values and parameters
  • For input of parameters, remote control of keys and commands

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