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HEIDENHAIN 3-D Touch Probes

for retrofit to existing Machine Tools


Users of HEIDENHAIN's TNC contouring control systems can now make productivity gains from faster, simplified workpiece setting with the introduction of three-dimensional touch probe packages that are easily and cost-effectively retrofitted to the machine tool and CNC.


  • Reduced component set-up time
  • HEIDENHAIN CNC machine tool probing systems will allow you to set up jobs more quickly than with a spindle mounted dial indicator. There is no need to clock components into position as the probe and control configuration provides immediate re-alignment of the machine co-ordinates.
  • Reduced scrap
  • HEIDENHAIN probing systems will prevent scrap caused by errors in manual job set-up
  • Early detection of tool wear
  • Wear or tool breakage that go undetected for extended periods, especially during unattended operation, result in defective parts and unnecessarily increase costs. HEIDENHAIN's TT and TL tool measurement probes provide in-process tool measurement and breakage detection.

HEIDENHAIN CNC Compatibility:

  • Bridgeport or Cincinnati machining centres fitted with one of the following HEIDENHAIN CNC systems are already configured to use the standard probing cycles.
  • TNC151/155
  • TNC351/355
  • TNC2500
  • TNC360/370
  • TNC400 series
  • TNC320/620
  • iTNC530
  • TNC640
  • All other manufacturers machining centres fitted with the above control systems, but some additional system software may be required. Contact us for full details.

Other CNC Compatibility:

HEIDENHAIN touch probes may be interfaced to other CNC systems. FANUC macro cycles are available for the 16i/18i/21i and 3xi family of controls and later.

The TS 150 probe features a range of interface options that make it directly compatible with almost any CNC or measuring system.


** Special Offer for 2019 **

Probe System Price
Cable Tool Probe (TT160) £1,600 (fitted)*
Wireless Tool Probe (TT460) £3,200 (fitted)*
Wireless Workpiece Probe (TS460) £3,300 (fitted)*
Package 1
  • Cable Tool Probe (TT160)
  • Wireless Workpiece Probe (TS460)
£4,400 (fitted)*
Package 2
  • Wireless Tool Probe (TT460)
  • Wireless Workpiece Probe (TS460)
£5,700 (fitted)*
Collision protection option for TS460 add £700

* Prices exclude carriage & VAT but include fitting (mainland UK only), probing cycles and basic probe set-up training on your HEIDENHAIN TNC. All prices and offers subject to machine survey


Selection guide for 3-D Touch Probes:

Applications Type Model   Notes
Workpiece setup and/or measurement NC machine tool with automatic tool changer TS740 High accuracy and repeatability
TS642 Standard
TS460 Highly compact, new generation touch probe featuring infra-red and wireless radio interface.

Available with collision protection and thermal decoupling.
NC machine tool with manual tool changer TS248/TS260 Highly compact, new generation touch probe with cable
Workpiece probe for grinding machines, lathes, and general purpose use. TS150 Compact general purpose touch probe with M12 connector
Tool measurement NC machine tools TT160 New generation tool probe with cable
TT460 New generation tool probe with infra-red interface
TL Series Contactless laser tool measurement

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