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Programmable touchscreen digital readout for up to 6-axes

PT 8016 Digital readout 

The POSITIP PT 8016 digital readout is suited for use on manual milling, drilling and boring machines as well as lathes with up to six axes. Integrated switching inputs and outputs enbles interaction with the machine, and makes it possible to perform simple automated tasks.

The PT 8016 Active version makes it possible to configure and control up to three NC axes in addition to a spindle. Simultaneous multi-axis motion and machine safety functions are not supported.


The POSITIP PT 8016 digital readouts are designed to withstand harsh shop conditions. They feature a sturdy aluminum housing equipped with touchscreen operation.

Thanks its intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface, the POSITIP PT 8016 is particularly easy to operate. The 12-inch screen clearly displays all of the information you need for machining your workpiece.

The low-profile aluminum housing with integrated power supply unit and fanless passive cooling is extremely rugged and durable. The well laid-out touchscreen made of specially hardened glass can even be operated by a user wearing gloves


The PT 8016 digital readouts offer many useful functions for machining with manually operated machine tools. Self-explanatory operating elements and language-sensitive information in plain language permit context-sensitive operation.

The distance-to-go display facilitates positioning tasks. It enables you to approach the next position quickly and reliably by simply moving until the display reads zero.

Of course the PT 8016 also offers special functions for milling and turning operations, such as:

  • Hole patterns
  • Radius/diameter switching
  • Sum display for the top slide

Presets can be determined quickly and accurately with an edge finder. The POSITIP PT 8016 supports you with special probing functions.

You can individually configure the display of the PT 8016 and save your settings in the user management.

Data Interfaces

A USB interface enables the display unit to output measured values and import or export parameters and tables. The Ethernet interface allows programs to be saved and imported via a network.


Outline specifications:

Axes Up to 6 axes (4 axes in the standard version, 2 additional axes available as an option)
Encoder Inputs 1Vpp, 11µA, EnDat 2.2
Display step Linear axis: 1mm to 0.00001mm
Display 12" colour screen with touch operation, 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Creation and execution of programs
  • User and data management
  • 100 datum presets
  • 100 tools
  • REF mark evaluation for distance coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go display with nominal position input in absolute or incremental values
  • Graphic positioning aid
  • Scaling factor, mirror image, magnifying function
  • mm/inch switching
  • Integrated help system
  • Stopwatch, pocket calculator
For milling, drilling, boring
  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns (circular and linear patterns)
  • Tool radius compensation
  • Cutting data calculator
  • Probing functions to ascertain the preset (edge, centre line and circle centre)
  • Control of up to 3 NC axes and a spindle - Requires PT 8016 Active
For turning
  • Measuring the tool dimensions
  • Sum display of axes in the top slide
  • Taper calculator
  • Control of up to 3 NC axes and a spindle, Constant Surface Speed (CSS) - Requires PT 8016 Active
Axis error compensation Linear (LEC) and segmented linear (SLEC), up to 200 points
Data interface 2 x Ethernet 100Mb/1Gb (RJ45); 4 x USB 2.0 type A

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