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High Accuracy Absolute Angle Encoder


The RCN 8000 series are high accuracy absolute angle encoders with an integrated hollow shaft coupling.

These encoders feature optimised scanning and are relatively insensitive to contamination thanks to a large scanning surface.

These encoders are available with accuracy grades of ±2″ or ±1″, and with shaft diameters of 60mm and 100mm.

For applications requiring accuracy grades of ±5″ and ±2.5″ the RCN 2000 series absolute angle encoders are available.


Outline specifications:

  • RCN 8510
  • RCN 8310
  • RCN 8580
  • RCN 8380
  • RCN 8590F
  • RCN 8390F
  • RCN 8590M
  • RCN 8390M
Measuring standard DIADUR circular scale with absolute and incremental track (32768 lines)
System accuracy
  • RCN 85x0: ±1″
  • RCN 83x0: ±2″
Position error per signal period
  • RCN 85x0: ≤ ±0.15″
  • RCN 83x0: ≤ ±0.2″
  • RCN 85x0: ≤ ±0.2″
  • RCN 83x0: ≤ ±0.2″
Absolute position values EnDat 2.2 Fanuc serial interface Mitsubishi high speed serial interface
Positions per rev 536870912 (29 bits)
Max speed (elec.) ≤1500 min-1 for continuous position value ≤750 min-1 for continuous position value ≤1500 min-1 for continuous position value
Incremental signals - 1Vpp -
Electrical connection Separate adapter cable to encoder via quick disconnect
Power supply 3.6V DC to 14V DC
Current consumption (typical) 5V: ≤ 225mA (without load)
Shaft Hollow through shaft D=60mm or D=100mm
Max speed (mech.) ≤500 min-1; temporary: ≤1500 min-1 (speeds over 500 min-1 require consultation)
Approx. dimensions Ø200 x 40

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