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Laser Systems for Tool Measurement


Tool monitoring with a TL Laser System is a very flexible solution. The contact-free optical measurement enables you to check even the smallest tools rapidly, reliably, and without collision. Even the most sensitive tools are completely safe from damage.

Measure under real operating conditions

Tool monitoring occurs at the rated shaft speed in the real clamping system, and as such under real operating conditions. Errors on the tool, spindle and holder can immediately be detected and corrected. Every single tooth can be measured at the highest speed.

TL Laser Systems

The laser systems are available in different versions for various maximum tool diameters. The units have an integral blowing unit to remove chips and coolant from the tool with a blast of compressed air.

Measuring Cycles

The CNC uses measuring cycles to process the output signal of the laser systems and carries out the necessary calculations. Measuring cycles for the TNC426/430 and iTNC530 controls are included with the TL laser systems.

Compressed air unit

A DA301TL compressed air unit (see accessories) is required to supply filtered air to the TL laser systems.


Outline specifications:

TL Nano TL Micro 150 TL Micro 200 TL Micro 300
Tool Diameter
Central measurement 0,03 to 37mm 0,03 to 30mm 0,1 to 80mm 0,1 to 180mm
Tangential measurement from above 0,03 to 44mm 0,03 to 30mm 0,1 to 98mm 0,1 to 324mm
Tangential measurement, lateral 0,03 to 44mm 0,03 to 30mm 0,1 to 122mm 0,1 to 428mm
Repeatability ±0,2µm ±1µm
Input signals Square-wave signals 24V DC
  • Enable transmitter     ENABLE 0
  • Enable 1 of receiver  ENABLE 1
  • Enable 2 of receiver  ENABLE 2
Output signals Square-wave signals 24V DC
  • Dynamic triggering signal  DYN
  • Static triggering signal      STA
  • Proper laser function        LASER OK
Power supply 24V/180mA
Electrical connection M23 coupling (male), 12-pin, on the side M23 flange socket (male), 12-pin, either on the side or bottom

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