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Tool probes with hybrid signal transmission via RF and infrared signals.

(Preliminary information)


The TT 460 tool probe with wireless connection is the new generation of compact probes designed for machine tools with automatic tool changing. The hybrid RF and infrared signal transmission means that the probe can be used on very large machines.


Outline specifications (preliminary):

TT 460
Probe accuracy ≤ ±5µm when using a standard T404 stylus
Probe repeatability
  • 2σ ≤1µm at a probing velocity of 1m/min
  • Typical values:
  • 2σ ≤1µm at a probing velocity of 3m/min
  • 2σ ≤4µm at a probing velocity of 5m/min
Deflection of probe contact ≤5mm in all directions (with stylus length L=40mm)
Deflection force
  • Axial: approx 8N
  • Radial: approx 1N
Probe velocity ≤5 m/min
Protection IP67
  • Fixing clamps (included) or
  • Mounting base (accessory)
Power supply 2 batteries (rechargable or non-rechargeable) size ½AA or LR2; each 1V to 4V
Operating time Continuous duty: up to 400h with lithium batteries
Signal transmission Radio wave and infrared transmission with 360° range
Transceiver unit SE660

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